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Current Films
So you want to use your 7ype Coins to support our films? Great! Here's the projects currently available.
More projects are being added all the time, you can see upcoming projects at


I'm Still Here

Live Justine

The Perfect Love Song

Boogaloo Exotica

Night of the Living Dead


UnSOCIAL: Trilogy
None of these catch your eye?

No problem! We have 23 films currently on our slate, the 10 above are just the films you can currently support with 7ype coins. More are being added on a regular basis! To see a list of all the films coming in the near future, check out

Other Films to watch:

After something to watch now? We recommend these previous films from filmmakers on our slate.

The Last Scout


Viking Legacy

Invasion Earth


Hooligans at War
More on Films:
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