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Live Justine
Live Justine is a unique horror thriller, based on real life events, written and directed by Samuel Victor.
It stars Lucy Pinder (Sharknado 5, Age of Kill) Britain's most successful glamour model!
Live Justine

Control. Alter. Delete... Be Careful Online.

Genre: Thriller, Horror Director: Samuel Victor
Length: Approx. 80 mins Producer: Nick Bigtower, T. Pope, Steven M Smith, T. Deegan
Origin: USA, United Kingdom Writer: S. Victor & Mark Margason

Selected Cast
Lucy Pinder, Blake Curtis-Woodcock, Madalina Bellariu Ion, Mark Margason, David Bruce Taylor, Baz Salam & S. Victor   Category: #2, $25000 max
About the Film:

A high powered businessman is blackmailed by a woman he meets via web-cam, who hacks his laptop and phone, gaining access to what starts as embarrassing material, but quickly escalates as the stakes are risen.

Sam's Note:

Live Justine is a really special film - what looks like a simple exploitation horror film turns out to have many unexpected twists and turns, even during the end credits! What starts as an amusing setup pretty soon turns into a terrifying eye-opening story of the dangers of the connectivity of modern technology, made all the more gripping by the fact its all based on real life events! The film stars the fantastic Lucy Pinder. Lucy is the most successful British glamour model of all time, and has a huge fanbase. She has already had acting roles in Sharnado 5, Age of Kill alongside Martin Kemp, Strippers Vs Werewolves with Robert Englund, and the big budget Bollywood film Warrior Savitri, with many more lined up. She did an amazing job and is sure to wow critics in this, her first lead role.

This film is around 95% complete, and an early cut has already played exceptionally well with test audiences, and we are are using a small amount of money from 7ype to film some extra scenes originally included in the script but cut due to time and bugetary constraints, that will make the finished film even better. We already have huge amount of interest from multiple distributors around the world, and some big film festivals have requested to screen the film, so the film is set to be a big success.

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