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Silence is a highly ambitious, Hollywood style visual effects spectacular, coupled with a deeply moving
and thought provoking script, and a unique visual and audio canvas mixing modern and retro aesthetics.

No Contact, No Response, Only Hope.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama Director: Samuel Victor
Length: Approx. 72 mins Producer: Jac Jones, Jill Thompson
Origin: USA, United Kingdom Writer: Samuel Victor

Selected Cast
To Be Announced: Several star names from both UK and USA currently in negotiation - a lot of interest in this script!

  Coming Soon   Category: #5, $1,000,000 max
About the Film:

Set in the early 1990s, a young dreamer with a passion for staring at the sky becomes an unlikely candidate to be the next astronaut. The world watches as he starts his hero's journey, only for disaster to strike, leaving him abandoned in space with no way to contact the home he once dreamed of leaving, and contemplating just what it is that draws us all to look to the sky for answers.

Sam's Note:

This is going to be a big one! We already have several key sets and props in place, and have detailed storyboards and plans of how to shoot key sequences. The film has the potential to make a huge impact worldwide - whilst it may initially seem similar to titles like Gravity and The Martian, this film will have a truly unique aesthetic, blending surreal artistic tableaus of visual and audio styles, including CGI, traditional hand drawn animation, and musical styles from the 1920s to the 1990s. A true acting tour de force, we have several major star names interested in this script, and are putting together the best combination of cast and crew from the UK and USA to do this one justice. This could be the film to take 7ype "to the moon!".

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